Public data

Long-term restoration datasets

Our long-term vegetation datasets (1995-2019) are available through eLTER Deims database at Kiskun Restoration Experiments, Kiskun LTER.

National-level study of the regeneration ability of sandy habitats 

In our study, we examine the regeneration capacity of three Pannonian habitat types, the article is availbe HERE
(In Hungarian)

Ecological Restoration in Hungary 

An inventory of ecological restoration interventions was created based on the reports of the national park directorates and EU LIFE projects between 2002 and 2016. The database contain basic inormation on 634 interventions throughout Hungary. Please contact as if you would like to know more about the data.

Prioritization of restoration interventions in sandy areas based on potential vegetation and local environmental factors 

Our goal was to create a restoration decision support system for sandy habitats, which determines which areas could be primarily restored and what types of intervention are recommended. (In Hungarian)

Preliminary seed zone map for Hungary

Seed transfer zones (STZs) are geographically distinct areas within which seeds can be introduced with low risk of maladaptation in ecological restoration. Our seed zone map was developed based on a floristic map, a vegetation map and a landscape map of Hungary. The resulting polygons were filled with Multiple Potential Natural Vegetation data and clustered to produce the units that can serve as STZs.