Possible topics for diploma thesis 

  1. Seed-based restoration to prevent the establishment and spread of invasive species 
    (Supervisor: Halassy, Melinda)
  2. The long-term effects of restoration interventions and their relation to the weather and/or soil condition (Supervisor: Halassy, Melinda) 
  3. The soil seed bank of the restored areas resulting from seed introduction compared to reference grasslands (Supervisor: Kövendi-Jakó, Anna)
  4. Trait-based analysis of vegetation development in restored industrial area
    (Supervisor: Kövendi-Jakó, Anna)

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Courses provided

  • Introduction to restoration ecology (ELTE PhD BIO/01/26; ELTE Msc bb2n9205; SZIE PhD - Halassy, Melinda)

The field of Ecological Restoration is a complex interdisciplinary field that is becoming more important in a world that depends on increasingly degraded ecosystems to support growing human societies. Ongoing human disturbances associated with urbanization, energy development, climate change, poor land management, and pollution create the need for professionals that can restore services to degraded ecosystems. Restoration of degraded ecosystems benefits society by improving biodiversity conservation, improving human livelihoods, empowering local people, and improving ecosystem productivity. This course is intended to provide you with an understanding of the process of assisting in the recovery of damaged, degraded or destroyed ecosystems. High attention will be given to Hungarian restoration projects.