Policy and comms state of play on the Nature Restoration Law


A short update on the current state of play with the adoption of the Nature Restoration Law (status on 17 May) for the RestoreNature NGO coalition mainly to inform the NGO action in the next weeks, especially in the run up to important votes in the European Parliament.

Over last few weeks the pushback against land use -related elements in the European Green Deal in general and the Nature Restoration law in particular has intensified significantly, vested interests are running intense disinformation campaigns to make sure NRL law never sees the light of day with recurrent lies that the Nature Restoration Law will be too costly, too bureaucratic, and too damaging for farmers, food security, and businesses. These claims are not underpinned by any science and are counterproductive as they undermine public support for the law and delay urgent action. In the beginning of May, the European People's Party (EPP) went as far as to completely reject the Nature Restoration Law and Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR) proposals in the internal resolution at the EPP congress.

We must endure in our efforts to get this law approved and ambitious enough!  Take action to Restore Nature!