Long-Term Ecosystem and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase Project


This project receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871126. The main objective of the eLTER PPP is to carry out all required planning and specifications needed for constructing and operating the eLTER RI. It will therefore facilitate required formal decision making and commitments across 19 participating countries.  eLTER PPP will:

1. Establishing the vision, mission and strategic collaboration schemes of the eLTER RI, securing

  • a solid anchoring and role in the European RI landscape
  • international collaborations on global Grand challenges

2. Define the requirements of the eLTER RI to be met by the Central services in support of excellent ecosystem research and other user group

3. Finalize the criteria to be met by National Research Infrastructure (NRI) components of eLTER RI, and establish a site labelling process to support the national eLTER ESFRI processes

4. Set up eLTER RI's communication, dissemination and marketing strategies and procedures suited for seamless continuation in eLTER RI 

eLTER PPP will accomplish fundamental work towards to a legal entity and fully operational Research Infrastructure. Plan and consolidate effective governance and management structures with shareholders. Strive for a smooth transition from preparation into operations by establishing a legal entity and by taking appropriate measures to avoid known risks. Provide a cost benefit analysis and secure appropriate financial planning. Prepare the Head Office and define governance processes.