''Kert a köbön" event in the National Botanical Garden


The group had the opportunity to present our restoration experiment at the National Botanical Garden's "Kert a köbön" invasive species event series. The event included two guided tours to the restoration experiment. At first we gave a brief introduction of the National Botanical Garden and the Ecological and Botanical Institute, and then we gave visitors the opportunity to see the experiment set up in a secluded area. We explained what invasive species are and what environmental, ecological, economic and health problems they can cause. Afterwards, we showed our seeding experiment, in which we described the treatment of three invasive alien species (Asclepias syriaca, Conyza canadensis, Tragus racemosus) by seeding with native species (Festuca vaginata, Galium verum, Gypsophyla paniculata, Saponaria officinalis). Meanwhile, we entertained the children with a name-pairing game. All participants were very attentive and interested in our experiment.