Award: Edina Csákvári won on the Young Researcher Publication Award in the CER - IEB


The Centre for Ecological Research announced an internal tender to support young researchers and recognize their scientific achievements, the aim of which was to recognize excellent publication performance. 

One of our group members, Edina Csákvári, won on this competition/award with a high quality publication.
Congratulations to her!

Her publication:
Csákvári, E., Sáradi, N., Berki, B., Csecserits, A., Csonka, A.C., Reis, B.P., Török, K., Valkó, O., Vörös, M. and Halassy, M. (2023). Native species can reduce the establishment of invasive alien species if sown in high density and using competitive species. Restoretion Ecology, e13901.