It's time to restore nature!


Join our call to bring nature back to Europe!

Nature is essential to our survival. To prevent the increasing fires across the continent. To resist the floods destroying European homes and livelihoods. To generate healthy ecosystems to produce food in the long-term. Nature is our biggest ally in the fight against the climate crisis. And we need nature for our mental wellbeing and health. But did you know 80% of Europe's nature is in bad shape?

Luckily, all hope is not lost! Right now, we have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to bring back nature to Europe: a law to #RestoreNature. What makes this opportunity unique is that this law will legally oblige EU countries to restore a set amount of nature. If they fail, they can be held accountable, and taken to court. We need to #RestoreNature now!

When we restore nature, we restore our connection with the living world. You are just one step away from making a difference for nature: send a picture of nature you would like to see restored and a letter to your decision makers. Click on the form on the right side!