Restoration Ecology Group

Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary

Welcome to the homepage of the Restoration Ecology Research Group of the Institute of Ecology and Botany, Centre for Ecological Research.

Restoration ecology combines ecological theory and practical applications leading to restoration of disturbed, degraded or completely damaged ecosystems (see more at Society for Ecological Restoration).

We investigate the spontaneous regeneration capacity and the restoration possibility of Pannonian sand grasslands. The group also aims to disseminate the ideas of restoration ecology and to positively influence the national and international policy

The restoration of invasion-resistant plant communities is an important strategy to combat the negative impacts of alien invasions. Based on a systematic review and meta-analysis of seed-based ecological restoration experiments, here we demonstrate the potential of functional similarity, seeding density and priority effect in increasing invasion...

A short update on the current state of play with the adoption of the Nature Restoration Law (status on 17 May) for the RestoreNature NGO coalition mainly to inform the NGO action in the next weeks, especially in the run up to important votes in the European Parliament.

The group had the opportunity to present our restoration experiment at the National Botanical Garden's "Kert a köbön" invasive species event series. The event included two guided tours to the restoration experiment. At first we gave a brief introduction of the National Botanical Garden and the Ecological and Botanical Institute, and then we gave...